The Technology of quality.

GPS Tracking

Each of the patrol vehicles is equipped with GPS monitoring to ensure the accountability, tracking and the safety of our quality time and time again. staff. This investment in clarity and tractability has allowed mobile support services to show our commitment to

- Geofencing

- On site notifications for clients

- Random Run Audits are conducted to match bill times with gps times


Is our Security Guard Tour Verification System

- This is real time data with clarity never before offered to clients

- Interactive with problem solving instructions at point

- Information collection and presentation

- Id verification and recording

- Facilities Management Inventory checking

- Set Up fee waved with a minimum # of hours


Is our Automated Visitor and Reserved Parking Management System

- Dual registration options  Telephone and/or Internet / Smart Phone

- Prohibiting of tenant using visitors

- Trend and usage reports

- Management Access and Reporting

- Monthly fees waived if site is active