“Arrived on site for security patrol, conducted external patrol.  Located west employee exit door unlocked, no signs of forced entry, conducted an internal patrol.  All external doors and OHD’s secure, site vacant of persons and vehicles. All is secure, intact and appears to be in good order, armed system and off site.”

On a security patrol this is an example of one a number of scenarios that we encounter on a daily basis.  People often make mistakes or don’t take the time to secure properly.  This is because security is not on their mind.  Choose the company  where your security is always on our mind.

Mobile Support Services has a wide number of types of security patrols that we complete for a number of clients.  Here are some of the programs that we offer, yet are not exclusive to.  If you have a question we may have the answer you are looking for.

Some example security patrol programs are

-       Building integrity patrol ( external and/or internal patrol )

-       Anti-loitering program

-       After hours employee escorts

-       Vacation or family event watch

-       Night production watch

-       Temperature critical logistics watch

-       Transportation equipment protection and count

-       Floor by floor tower patrol

-       Lock and unlock facilities

-       Crossing guard

-       (Your need here)


Random mobile security patrols along with effective property signage create a strong deterrent at a lower cost than full time on site security. There is no ‘down time” or ‘standing around”.


We offer the flexibility to tailor our mobile patrols to need your security requirements with the agility to change the days and the frequency. The security patrols are customizable allowing you to add or subtract patrols as the situation demands.