The challenges of today with the preventions and protection that you need for tomorrow, is a challenging and delicate balance betweencost, insurance and necessary.  Mobile Support Services brings a very specialized tool box to the table for our clients.  We offer to all areas whether it is a residential complex, high rise to an open mall, parking structure, logistics and manufacturing company a flexible and useful security tool.  We have the security patrols that are on the lookout for existing problems and possible future ones as well.  Alarm Response to alert us that there is a problem when we are not patrolling the location.  Parking control is effective to know who is parking on your property and are they in fact authorized to do so.  Site security staff to ensure the facility security and integrity is maintained at all times during the shifts as well as employee safety.

We are dedicated to customizing our patrols to your specific needs, and when combined with our security guard interactive guard tour system called Septre, the reporting is integrated, seamless and paperless as well as instant.  We can work with you on any number of issues.  All client contacts, proposals and quotes are confidential as well as there is no obligation.