Industries Served – Commercial 

Commercial locations require a unique security service for locking, unlocking, and trespassing suppression as well as building inspections and alarm response.  We create a custom security patrol package to address the clients’ needs, including working with in a budget while planning and preparing for potential problems.  Without getting into what makes for an effective security solution online instead the fundamentals we focus on are, effective, quality and timely services to meet the customized service package for each and every client.

Effective – reporting, presence, reduction in the number of incident reports with problem finding and solutions included.

Quality – tools that ensure the service is being completed in the manner specified by the client and reported to the client.

Timely – from reports to the client, alarm response and mobile patrols we aim to be swift and do as we promise.

Commercial applications can be extended to all locations within the service areas for unification of security services for centralization of policies, pricing and practices.

Commercial Business Parks are prime targets for criminal activities, we have cost effective solutions in place for all areas to reduce each business risks and operational disruptions and other problems that relate to areas of this communal design.