Mobile Support Services was started in 1984 by Michael Radford.  Prior to 1984 Michael was a district Manager with a large national security company, then a highly respected Private Investigator.  He saw a market for mobile patrols and parking enforcement and turned his attention to Mobile Support.  Since then years Michael has grown the company and yet has managed to keep the customer service levels high.  In fact, we still service the very first customer we signed!

Michael strongly believes in quality of service, personal involvement and individual responsibility.  Our shifts operate as a team.  Supervision and support is provided by the Team Leader on each shift, who can reach Michael at any time for advice and direction.


  1. A visual deterrent if someone is watching neighbourhood.  Thieves and vandals look for easy targets and will likely go elsewhere rather than chance being seen by a patrol guard.
  2. Your insurance will likely be discounted for implementing a security programme. So begin with a security consult and update and adjust as necessary – just as you do your health and safety programme.
  3. Significant monetary savings our patrol guards can provide interior patrols as well as exterior patrols.  Often, simply by performing an interior patrol after closing and during dark hours and turning off all the lights saves thousands of dollars annually.
  4. Having your own security professionals gives you the flexibility to call us in for special duties, such as layoffs and firings, sales events, fire alarm problems, special needs such as a large valuable shipment requiring temporary protection or disgruntled employee problems.
  5. Facility managers love having security patrols as we are boots on site and active pair of eyes that often find  broken pipes, spills, broken windows, unlocked doors, or unauthorized people on site after hours. This is a cost effective alternative then having an on-site full time security guard.  Usually ¼ of the cost if not less.
  6. Never ask an untrained employee to respond to an alarm during dark hours or when you are closed.  It puts him or her in an unsafe position and can be a liability to your company, or your family if you ask a friend to respond to your residence while you are absent.  Always use professionals for alarm verification/response.
While no security service can guarantee you will never be a victim, it puts the odds in your favour, and can easily save thousands and thousands of dollars in vandalized, stolen property or damaged facilities.  By implementing the suggestions of a professional security audit, you can rest easier knowing you have taken proactive and a prevention program to reduce the risk and mitigate any damages. Anyone can spend unlimited amounts to protect a building or site but we aim to offer a security program that provides the level of security you need according to your risk and budget.  We do not sell for the sake of selling.  This attitude fosters long term customers who are loyal.  And we have many of those.