Canadian Parking Control Message

On January 31, 2012, in News, Parking Control, by admin

The message in snow

Parking control in the winter is challenging for both the visitor and the Parking Control units. Some areas loose spaces for snow storage, some parking areas they have no parking during winter season. I think the best is that a vehicle that is parked on site for an extended amount of time can collect a great number of Parking Infraction Notices that are then buried by snow.

When out on parking control the morning of 31/Jan/2012 one of the Mobile Support Services Parking Control Operators wanted to get a message to the owner of the vehicle and left them this message.

To those who park in visitors, snow on the vehicle attracts attention from your friendly neighbourhood parking control unit, your property manager and the residents that live there. Keep your vehicle clean of snow, move it around to prevent it being buried.