1. equipped and prepared to move quickly to any place it is needed
  2. accommodated in a vehicle so as to travel around and serve  various places
  3. able to move or be moved freely or easily
  1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up
  2. be actively interested in and concerned for the success of (a particular client)
  1. be ready to assist whenever possible
  2. the action of helping or doing work for someone
Welcome to Mobile Security Central

Mobile Support provides excellent service to every customer with reliability, thoroughness and respect.

Mobile Support Services Security has 25 + years in the business with the same ownership, patrolling and securing businesses and residences in your neighbourhood.  We only have well trained, professional guards who genuinely care about our customers. Low turnover and a smaller company ensure the same guards visit the same places so they get to know our customers well.

Mobile Support Services Security is a family owned and operated enterprise, our staff and customers are part of our family. Our Family is protecting your friends and family at work, play or at home.

Our Patrol Teams are out on the road 24/7 in the most fuel efficient and current model combined with high visibility graphics.  These vehicles are equipped with Active GPS, and the Chevy Cruzes have OnStar for added staff safety.

We provide parking control on private property and service hundreds of buildings with our paperless permits, on our custom Smart Permit System. We are the only security firm to offer both security patrols and parking control visits from Kitchener to Oshawa, from Burlington to Newmarket.

We have an advanced interactive security guard tour verification system (SEPTRE) that is deployed both in the Mobile Security Patrol and on Site Security Services locations.  We want to show you what we do, prove we do what we say we do and verify when we do.  The only question left is where we do? That is truly up to you.

We do look forward to earning your trust, respect and business.